New home, new life

So, I am moving out. This place in which I've been living is becoming empty. I was enjoying this the location, but I am starting to feel something bad about it. It's becoming hell to, because of 2 guys: my flat-mate and a crazy snail, who is living with us since March. He does nothing but play video games, eat and not clean. The opposite, instead.
So I am moving out, I found a nice place in the neighborhood. So my boyfriend and I, we're going to move our stuff tomorrow.
It's a new life :)


I would like to create a Film Group in Lisbon

It's true.
When I was in Berlin, 2 years ago, I met a group, who showed me the Cinema world.
Not the Hollywood one, or the very nice ones, about the greatest stories of the humanity.
It was about simple things in our lives, funny stuff, things that could happen.
I met Victoria Chan, too. A sweet concerned girl, who is from Canada, from the french part of Canada and her parents are from China.
She showed me that Cinema can be used for political and social issues. I mean, documentary films.
This creative girl took me to discussion evenings with German people too and opened further my mind.
Since that time, I am always having ideas, I mix photo and film ideas and I can't develop them. I don't want fun stuff like "Contemporâneos" or "Gato Fedorento". I mean ideas of make noticeable the different parts of Lisbon, literature and some social Problems. In english or german or both.
Research, lern and have fun.
I can do the translation stuff :)