A Timidez rouba-nos a vida

Antes tava na minha bolha, depois rebentei-a e fiquei como em carne viva...agora que as feridas oxigenaram estão a tornar-se pele outra vez.

Esta frase tocou-me bastante. A timidez rouba-nos anos de vida, momentos que podiam ter sido vividos e há casos de bolhas que nunca chegam a rebentar.

O meu avô era tímido. Eu sabia-o pelas vezes que parava a brincadeira comigo no pátio da frente sempre que um carro passava.

Sei-o pelas vezes que ele devia ter desabafado e não e fez. E, ao não fazê-lo, perdeu anos de qualidade de vida, fugiu antes de eu o ter conhecido bem. Guardava tudo para si próprio.

Gostava de poder falar com ele agora, que sou adulta. Sei que seria totalmente diferente. Foi uma perda enorme, há anos atrás, mas que ainda se reflecte em mim...

Já não choro até me doer a cabeça, mas tenho pena de ter perdido um ser maravilhoso, com tanta coisa para me ensinar.



Taurus Translator*

The Taurean’s characteristics of solidity, practicality and extreme hold them in good stead in the professional world. They serve to ensure that any project a Taurean translator undertakes is completed with complete focus and in time.

Taureans are keen-witted and practical, but are apt to become fixed in their opinions preferring to follow accepted and reliable patterns of experience. As a result, a translator born under this star sign will occasionally sacrifice the experimentation and new approaches required in the world of translation, since they prefer maintaining status quo in all aspects of their lives. This will reflect in the usage of set and accepted terminology, rather than newer more contemporary expression, even in cases where a difference in tonality is required.

In their work, Taurean translators are industrious and are not afraid of hard work and long hours. They are reliable, methodical and ambitious, within a framework of obedience to superiors. This is both a positive and a negative quality. While the quality of a Taurean translators work will be very high, in cases where they work for an agency of translators, it is limited by the fact that they need someone to guide and lead the project for them.

They function best in regular positions of responsibility, where there is no urgency and very little risk of change. However, Taurean translators are creative and excel at enterprises where the rewards of their productivity arise from their own hard work and not those of others. This particular characteristic works in favour of translators who deal directly with the clients, rather than through a mediator or agency.

On rare occasions a Taurean may be obstinately and exasperatingly self-righteous, unoriginal, rigid and argumentative. They may refuse to see an alternate point of view or may be resentful of suggestions to tweak their translated projects in order to make them more consumer friendly. The majority of Taureans are not this extreme though.

* From here.