Fado is not the saddest thing

Something is out of control. I am happy with my job. My bosses are very kind and I believe I produce more because of it. The sad part of it: I am in Portugal. Very beautiful country, with a lot of potential, very shinny. It is really beautiful, my family was born here, I was born here and a lot of my friends stay around here (others are traveling around the world and I miss them).

However, Portuguese people is suffering a lot. We have been behaving, I think we cannot be compared to the Creeks, making a lot of troubles since they are under IMF control.

I fear this will change.

Protests are shouting out loud in front of the parliament, families struggling not to loose their homes.
Politicians want to maintain their lifestyle, getting 3 or 4 pensions when they get retired; the people is going to pay huge taxes in 2013...

I agree that we have to change our system, not spending the money we were spending, but we have to support families, giving some benefits to those how are having children, securing Portugal's future; supporting those how have new promissory ideas to make business (I am not saying: give money, but borrow money).

How can we grow under these conditions? Very sad to see my friends leaving, searching other countries to live, to work and to have children.

I hope I am not forced to be the next one leaving.

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